wp1WordPress is my favorite tool for designing and maintaining websites. So much more than a blogging platform, WordPress is a content management system with innumerable options for expansion, customization and simplification. It’s easy to set up, straightforward to use and packed with features that your customers want to see on your website. Most of my websites are built using WordPress as a content management system and as a design tool.

When I design a website, I want it to be easy for you to maintain after I hand it off to you. There are few things worse than an outdated website that hasn’t been updated in years simply because there is no one with the skills or knowledge in-house to maintain it. WordPress makes it easy for you to maintain your website and keep it updated without having to spend extra time and money asking me or another web designer to do it.

WordPress is also highly customizable. It’s frustrating to deal with a content management system that doesn’t allow you to edit the inner workings of your own website. WordPress eliminates that frustration and allows me, the designer, to do everything I need in order to present you with a polished, highly customized website.

When you come to me for a website design, I will almost always recommend that we build it in WordPress. I’ll be able to make you a beautiful, feature-rich website, and you’ll be able to maintain it and keep it relevant even after I’m done.